Patricia Wells Immigration Lawyers - specializing in Canadian immigration, refugee protection and citizenship.

We are an Immigration and Refugee Law Firm with a reputation for           excellence and a strong commitment to social justice and equality. Our staff is multilingual and multicultural. We are able to serve you in English, Spanish and French and have interpreters available for other languages.

Patricia Wells
Barrister & Solicitor
Lawyer and Notary Public

With more than 30 years’ experience, Patricia Wells is the senior member of the firm.

Ms Wells is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto. She founded the firm upon being called to the bar in 1984.  Since that time, she has dedicated herself to the practice of immigration and refugee law, serving the Spanish-speaking and other communities in Toronto, across Canada and overseas.

In addition to representing clients as their lawyer at all stages of their applications to immigrate to Canada or stay in Canada legally, Ms Wells has always been involved as well in community development activities, promoting access to justice for all, and training and mentoring younger students and lawyers.

For example, at various times Ms Wells has acted as supervising counsel in the student legal aid programme “CLASP” as a member of the faculty of Osgoode Hall Law School, she has served as President of the Board of Directors of NEW (“New Experiences for Refugee Women”), she was a member of the founding Board of Directors of the Jane-Finch Community and Legal Services clinic in Toronto, and she has participated in many other committees and workshops for the purpose of sharing expertise in immigration and refugee law and combating violence and discrimination against women and minorities.

Ms Wells has been a frequent speaker at community events of interest to immigrants and refugees, as well as a regular guest on the Spanish-language community radio program “Los Vecinos” on Radio Voces Latinas where she answers immigration questions from callers, live on air.

Finally, Ms Wells and other volunteer lawyers regularly provide free legal advice to low-income people through various community centres in Toronto.

She is able to communicate with clients in English, Spanish and French.

Meera Budovitch
Barrister and Solicitor
Lawyer and Notary Public

Meera Budovitch joined the firm after her call to the Ontario Bar in 2012. She had previously served her articling period with Patricia Wells. Meera is able to communicate with clients in English and Spanish.

Meera Budovitch graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School where she obtained her Juris Doctor. During her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, she double majored in Equity Studies and Employment Relations and was awarded with the Baron De Douglas and Ada Crone scholarship for high academic achievement.

Meera has always been passionate about social justice and decided to pursue law in hopes that a legal education would provide her with the necessary knowledge and skills to help create positive change in the future. While attending law school, Meera became involved with the Community and Legal Aid Services Program (CLASP) where she worked full time as a division leader in the Immigration and Refugee Law division. At CLASP, Meera had the opportunity to work on numerous Immigration and Refugee Law files and developed a strong passion for these areas of law. Additionally, Meera facilitated multiple public legal education seminars and visited several detention centres throughout Ontario where she advised detainees on their legal rights and answered questions regarding the Immigration and Refugee Law processes in Canada. In addition, Meera also volunteered at the Family Law Project where she helped unrepresented litigants successfully complete their court documents. Presently, Meera is studying Spanish in her spare time and is still highly active in social justice oriented workshops and seminars.

Sheau Lih Vong
Articling Student

Sheau Lih graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School where she obtained her Juris Doctor and was awarded the Osgoode Society Book Prize. Previously, Sheau Lih completed her Masters of Arts in History at the University of Waterloo. Her Masters thesis, Northern Visions, focused on the influence of the construction of the Distant Early Warning Line on Inuit health care, vocational training, and childhood education and socialization. She also completed her Bachelors of Arts, with a Joint Honours in History and Legal Studies, at the University of Waterloo.

Sheau Lih entered law school with an interest in advancing social justice and engaged in a number of initiatives during her time at Osgoode. She participated in Justice Patricia Hennessy's Exploring Justice, Making Law: Wikwemikong project, which encouraged Aboriginal youths to consider and discuss how law could be used as a tool for social change. She also volunteered with the Community & Legal Aid Services Programme as an intake volunteer. In her second year, Sheau Lih participated in the Disability Law Intensive Program, where she completed a placement at ARCH Disability Law Centre, and provided direct client services to persons with disabilities, public legal education, and legal research support for ongoing Charter challenges.

Sheau Lih's interest in immigration and refugee law stemmed from her volunteer experiences during her second and third years at two different firms and from her experiences working with Professor Hilary Evans Cameron, from the University of Toronto, on the Guidelines Project. Sheau Lih's passion for helping others, and her family's own experiences with the immigration and refugee systems, motivated her to pursue a career in immigration and refugee law. She is committed to using her legal training and experiences to help others and to effect social, political, and legislative changes within the immigration system.